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Employment- and Investment-Based Processes

Non-Immigrant Applications

  • B-1, Visitors for Business
  • E-1, Treaty Traders
  • E-2, Treaty Investors
  • H-1B, Professional Employees
  • H-2B, Temporary Workers
  • H-3, Trainee
  • J-1, Intern or Trainee
  • L-1A, Intracompany Transferee for Executives or Managers
  • L-1B, Intracompany Transferee for Employees with Specialized Knowledge
  • O-1, Individuals with Extraordinary Ability or Achievement
  • P-1, Internationally Recognized Athlete
  • TN, Petitions for Mexican and Canadian professionals

Immigrant Applications

  • Labor Certification (PERM)
  • EB-1(1), Individuals with Extraordinary Abilities
  • EB-1(3), Multinational Transferees
  • EB-2, National Interest Waiver
  • EB-2, Advanced Degree Holders
  • EB-3, Professional, Skilled and all other Employees


  • E-Verify and  I-9 compliance training
  • I-9 audits


Family-based applications and other processes

Non-Immigrant/Temporary Applications

  • B-2, Visitor for Pleasure
  • F-1, Student
  • J-1, Exchange Visitor
  • U-Visa, Victim of Crime
  • T-Visa, Victim of Trafficking
  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) initial and renewal

Immigrant Applications

  • Petitions for spouses, children, sons and daughters, parents, and siblings of U.S. Citizens
  • Petitions for spouses, children, unmarried sons and daughters of Lawful Permanent Residents
  • Diversity Lottery
  • Fiancee visa
  • Immigrant visa
  • Adjustment of Status
  • Advance Parole - travel document
  • Re-Entry Permit

Naturalization and Citizenship

  • Naturalization
  • Report of Birth Abroad
  • Passport


Removal Proceedings

  • Asylum
  • Immigration Bond Hearings
  • Master Calendar Hearings
  • Individual Hearings
  • Appeals